NGO "Capital Golf Development Federation" is a public organization whose main task is to popularize and improve golf and mini golf. The Golf Club operates according to the Club Design and recommends that individual members be able to learn golf and train on a training flooring. We have a free course for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the game of golf. NGO "Capital Golf Development Federation" appears as an open club. All interested parties have the right to use its resources, but only the members of the Club and their guests can receive exceptions provided by the Club and its accomplices. We hope that the services we provide will bring you and your guests a lot of satisfaction.

Our task is to develop and coordinate work in the field of Kazakh amateur and professional golf, to promote the speedy entry of this sport to the absolute newest high-quality and quantitative level. We want to make golf in Kazakhstan sleeker for investment, to promote the involvement of Kazakhstan's golf in the world association.

Subsequent pages appeal to all those who want to learn more about golf, from a beginner who wants to understand this game and learn to play it to an avid athlete seeking to explore different aspects of golf and plunge into all its wealth and diversity.

Golf is a sport that millions of people around the world play and watch. Golf is a very colorful, healthy and helping to make new friends.

Club Tournament Calendar 2023

    Dear members and guests of the club – the schedule is subject to change.


    09 agust 2015
    Tournament to the Builders’ day
    Date of the event: August 8, 2015 On the eve of the professional builders’ holiday, «Astana» golf club will hold the first golf tournament dedicated to the Builders’ day. The event participants are representatives of the Kazakh construction companies and their business partners, as well as representatives of foreign companies.
    04 july 2015
    Tournament for the Cup of the President of Kazakhstan
    Date of the event: 27 June 2015 The team tournament for the Cup of the President of Kazakhstan is traditionally held in Julyand actively participatedby the representatives of political and business elite, as well as representatives of foreign companies in Kazakhstan.
    30 may 2015
    The annual children's tournament
    Date of the event: 1 June 2015 Participating cities: Astana, Almaty, Kostanay. The tournament is timed to the International Children's Day. The staff of "Astana" golf club understands its responsibility for shaping the future generation of the RK citizensdeciding to hold an annual children's tournament, which will be the first competitive step in the career of future golfers.